In need a new co-friend (enjoy coding)

Hi, some guy enjoy coding?
I would love find a co-worker for stories, I’ll contribute with graphic, story lines, customize dresses and characters, but I hate coding.
I have a lot of stories in comp, but I can’t kick myself to code it. Your advice will have same power as mine, because I think coding is the hardest and most boring thing (I graduated from programming).

It won’t be one time help, I want long part friendship and co-working.


i would love to help you with coding! how often would i need to be available to code? and would you provide a script for me to then turn into code or-?

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How it suits you, we can talk more in PM.

I would like to enjoy our work, not bother. The main idea is I give to you resume of chapter and dialogs, you tell me your ideas, approvals or disapprovals, and then we/I, it’s your desicion, create characters, dresses and together realize a new cool story. You should fix my English mistakes, I’m not native speaker.

If you want another I can help with coding!

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What do you prefer for private communication? FB, IG, other?

PM.or insta

insta sounds good, ig: lottelin