In need f a cover artist! (INK)

hey… I have a favour to ask YOU!

So since I’m dumb and can’t do anything decently I am in great need of somebody to do a cover for me :slight_smile:
So pretty much this is the just of what I want…

(If you work better with episode outlines I’m also happy with…)

feel free to choose whatever you prefer to use but if you do use the episode outline thingy can you also add a danger for her to hold like in the first picture? and a bite mark on her neck (I’ll link them down below along with the characters)


It’s called ‘Prey on me’ because I’m doing some cliche vampire shit over here!!

Screen Shot 2019-12-30 at 5.03.24 pm
(for the title I want it above them in the centre but if possible can yo make it look gold? If not that fine e could discuss other possibilities :slight_smile:

tell me if you need any other info and thanks xx

…hmmm okay… ahah you seem fun :joy:

I am not. I try to be nice but I am also pretty upfront and that turn into been rude

okay… I take it back I guess?..

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If u still need some1 to make u a cover, I would be willing to make it, but just a question. Do u want it to look realistic or this kind of style would be ok


otherwise I would be able to make the cover

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umm I don’t really mind. Whatever easy for you is good for me :slight_smile:

k, I’ll start on it as soon as I can, btw if it’s a episode story cover then I can’t put the knife into the edit because the cover won’t get approved because it can’t have like gun’s, knives, explosives etc…

Yea all good :slight_smile: thanks x