In need for a art scene quickly please!

Hey there to finish up a scene in my up comeing episode I think it would be cool to add an art scene I will give the details in a PM if interested let me know! Or if you know a good place to ask for one that would be awesome!


My team can!



Okay let me get some quick pictures and detials together!

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@AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE Okay I could not find any position picture to show you but I will diescirbe it best I can,
Skin: Honey
Hair: Short Cropped Hair (black)
Eyes: Deepest Peircing (blue)
Face: Square Jaw
Nose: Button
Mouth:Classic (taupe)
Eyebrows:Thin arch
Harper (girl)-
Skin- Tan
Hair- striaght (chestnut)
eyes- Upturned Bold (blue)
face- Olval
Nose- Soft natural
Mouth Blossem lips(mocha)
eyebrows - soft angled
Ripped punk pants
Tank Top (sonoma Blue)
Silver lion Necklace
black haigh top dance shoes
Cheerleading Top
Cheerleading skirt
HeadPhones Black
Black beach day skater Shoes
the position is to have the boy have one hand ont he lockers behind them and then looking down on the girl and then the girl is looking at the floor bitting her lip
If you need anything else let me know! thank you again!


@AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE here is a picture that is like the positions!!!
Just without the folders and bag :+1:

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mmhmm I can try.

Thank you!