In need for a cover

I’m making my first story so i need a cover but it LL characters

I can make it.

Can I see some of your drawing please

I’m on my phone right now sorry but I can show some outlines…


I want the girl facing the ocean

Alright I’ll get it done by tommorow since I have 2 orders before you.

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Thank you!

Whats the story title?

I haven’t really came up with it so don’t worry cuz I’ll add it later

Alright. I’ll finish it by tonight

Are you done yet, sorry I don’t mean to rush I just want if close to done.

I’ll be done with it by tonight. :blush:


I’m done wit it. Tell me if you need anything changed.


Can please remove my name please and that it. Thank you so much for the cover

Here it is redone


Thank you sooo much