In need for an artist to make my covers


I need help making a cover for my story called My Mantel it’s a Riverdale fan fiction.please and thank you


Episode diamonds would love to help send the deatils


Examples are here


@MadisonW @aprill @TVinson2006 @Teahwalker @random.girlheer @ForeverMagic112 @Unique_911 can you guys help


I already have a few things to do Tati is helping me out


It a fanfic of my favorite show/character Riverdale/Reggie Mantle fanfic image|281x500


what are the characters deatils also what is the title and author name



It called my mantle


what are the characters deatils


Reggie-Reggie is a naturally gifted and talented athlete who excels at nearly every major sport, including football, baseball, and basketball, along with more obscure sports such as cross country running and Kung Fu.[9] He often works as a surfing or skiing instructor. Sometimes, if his skills are not enough to secure victory, Reggie cheats, and he often shows little team spirit. Once in a while, Reggie tries to win competitions on a technicality by pulling out a rulebook. And has a childhood crush on Mack

Mack- A sweet girl who is always stands up for what’s right she dose not care who it is but he i will anyone who messes with her family/friends. She also loves song writing and has a childhood crush on Reggie even though he can be a jerk


What are the characters looks?
Backgrounds in mind?
Any words on it? Let me know :grin:


The background can be anything. Thank you


Can I have th exact details

You can copy paste and fill this out :blush: Can you let me know a little more info of the story so I can pick out a background

Character Details:
Any background in mind:
Any words on the photo:
What style it is:
When you need it:
What pose:

Thanks! :blush: