In need for Backgrounds, Help!

Hey, there! So, Im writing my first story (not published yet :sweat_smile:) and I need some backgrounds :cry: I hope you guys can help me!

Backgrounds That I need :

  1. a High School (without its name on it) Background, and
  2. an Outside apartment (i know that episode have their own house and apartment but it just doesnt fit my characters apartment)

If someone can help me and Im going to use him/her background, I’ll credit him/her :ok_hand:

Wow! Tysm! I’ll be sure to check it :heart:
If I’m going to use it I really want to credit you for your help, can I? :hugs:

That’s so nice of you :heart:
ty! :heart:

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By the way, do you have a school background in your drive? I checked them but I didnt find one, or maybe I didnt see it? :sweat_smile:

Oh, thats okay! I’ll find it myself :blush::ok_hand:

tysm for helping me! :heart:

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Cant wait! :blush:

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