In need for cover art! :)

Hi everyone, I’m currently writing a story and I’m in need of a small cover and large cover! I don’t really have a time limit so it doesn’t need to be rushed. I’m currently writing the first few episodes which usually take some time. If you could help please reply, thanks! :slight_smile:

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What would you like to have?

Large cover and a small cover with the characters on the covers

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Thank you so much! I’m gonna check it out.

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What are the characters? :hugs:
any theme in mind? of the story and author :blush:
Who’d you want it do do it? :upside_down_face::heart:

Episode harmony can


Do you want like descriptions of the characters and what they look like?
Theme: Romance
Story name: Mystery of Love
Name of Author: Camila
Who do I want to do it: Anyone available:blush:
Do you have any examples?

Madison if she can :grinning:
If you could do only the small cover though cause I’m gonna have someone else do the big cover:hugs:

Try cooltext294574044187154

Examples here and im with @NattyGomez

Episode Harmony Official Request Shop (Open)(Updating)

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Your art is amazing! Should i fill out a form and post it over on that link?

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Post it at the link

Okay :grinning:
Should I fill it out and post it on your link as well?


I’m filling it out, my computer is lagging tho and I’m trying to take screenshots

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