In Need For Cover!


I’m working on my new story, it’s called “Wish You Were Weird”. It’s a comedy story, in limelight. And I’m in need for a cover for the story.

If you’re interested in making the cover and helping me please message me for more information <3


I can help

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Thank youu :pleading_face:
Can you message me here or DM me on ig:@ava_stories_ ?

I can message you here I don’t have insta

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if you’re willing to pay for commissions,
i recommend both @NDWrites & @Eva_Diva1 , they’re both incredible artist.
a free alternative is searching for “art shops” on the forums search bar, theres lots of amazing artists to choose from who will be happy to help you !


Thank u :blush:

I can do it for you . If you wanna see my work then go to luna’s workshop😊

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Thank you, I appreciate it. But @Bella121 is doing a cover for me. So

IT’s completely fine with me

Ok, but I got to ask her, because I don’t her to feel like I’m wasting her time.