In need for directing tips for a specific action!

Hello everyone!

I am right now at a loss of ideas regarding how to direct this specific action with the available resources:

Using INT. YOUR BED 2 - DAY as reference, I have a character in zone 2 at 1.268 45 105 who is idle_sit_legsup_neutral_loop. What I want to illustrate is this character switching from that position to a normal sitting one, such as idle_sit_sad_loop, but at the edge of the bed. My plan is to direct this character to walk to spot 1.268 56 172 in zone 2 in 0.5 AND CHARACTER starts //insert_animation// THEN CHARACTER starts idle_sit_sad_loop, but after hours and hours of browsing, trying on, previewing, etc., I still cannot find an animation that I can properly use. Literally any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

This as well begs the question if I should bother having a transitional animation for the posture change or not, because at this point it’s been driving me so insane that I am cosidering to just leave it as a raw switch and be done with it.

Thank you to anyone who at least reads this post!

You could use the crawling animation if you want that but really you don’t need a transitional change. But don’t make them walk there. Just adjust the spot placement.

So I do this a lot in a similar situation. Pretty much, I have character sitting behind a table, then I zoom in so I can’t see their legs and I use standing animations and just adjust their spot placement. So instead of @CHARACTER walks to spot 1 100 150 in 3 you’d use @CHARACTER spot 1 50 150.

See if that works.


I’m not gonna lie I just leave it out and put something else in between so they move off camera, or I add a zoom so you cant see the lack of transition, i think it always looks okay when done like that and it saves a lot of stress


That’s a good idea! I’m always weird about how to transition from laying down to sitting so I just zoom off it lol


Thank you all for your great suggestions! I will attempt what SamiMichelle suggested, and if I still can’t make it, I guess I’ll just drop it. I have to be honest, I didn’t expect to have any answer, so thank you to all who jumped to help!

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In one scene I wanted my character to wake up after falling asleep in a chair, so I did an extreme closeup on the first animation as it’s a lying down animation and then panned to the left to make it look like she’s walking up. As you can see in this video.

Another scene, which I don’t have a video of, I have my character wake up and then a 0.1 pan to the left to my character sitting up on the bed. It sorta gives the illusion that the character got up without having an animation for it.

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I see what you mean, it is similar to what someone suggested in a previous comment: concealing it with something or somehow. I wish I could mark two answers as the solution because technically, there are multiple solutions to my question. Thank you!


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