IN need for edit instantly

So i need Birthday edit soon so one edit it need to be done in two days , 2 edit it would - one week but if is possible to be finish sooner.
3 edit before 30 october

So just to be clear. you need 3 edits by october 30?

or one birthday edit in 2 days



@Kylie_episodee i need it soon

Okay. Do you have IG?

2 days might be enough based on the pose

yes my ig is ellyangel2020

Can you DM me @cynthia_epy or PM me here ill reply


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Alright. PM me here

so do you make edit in limelight ?


first edit is where is my nephew and me and my sister ,
then 2 is with my second nephew and me

you need 2 edits in 2 days?

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Oh in that case i can’t do it. Sorry

so i need one edit in two days , and second edit you have like one week

can you do it or you need more time ?