In need for overlays and backgrounds and a cover

Does anyone have time to make a few? :slight_smile:
And for the cover, I’d like it to be drawn so if anyone is willing to do that for free, I’d highly appreciate it!


I could do your cover :blush:

Could you tag her? She might not have time :slight_smile:

Really? That would be so cool! Can I PM the details?

Sure :grin:

Oh, hahaah, didn’t notice that. I’ll leave a comment :slight_smile:

What do you recall as drawn because I make like so not drawn edits @Leytey

Yeah this looks cool! The charachters are drawn, right? An edit is okay too but the pose that I want might be hard to edit :slight_smile:

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Yes they are drawn and what poses I’m not able to do all poses… so maybe I can’t do your pose it depends sometimes

Well, I want my MC to be working on a dress on the cover, so something like this:

without the girl in the right


Ohh well I can’t do that pose sorry…:tired_face:

That’s no problem at all. Thank you for considering :slight_smile:

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We have talented artists that are willing to help :slight_smile:

And @Forever1201 is going to make one but if anyone else likes to make one too, I’d really appreciate it. This way I can change the covers of my story frequently and I’d be able to bring attention to all the beautiful art you guys make :slight_smile:

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I’ll leave a comment :slight_smile:

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