In need for small and big cover (ink)

Hey, so, I have a story named truth or dare, and i need new covers, sadly, i am too busy with requests and don’t have time for a cover for me. I need a small and a big cover
I’ll let you know the story details, character details, etc.

Story Plot

Nina is in love with a guy named Drake since she was little but he gives her no attention, but when he is forced to kiss her in a truth or dare round things get a drastic change

Character details

Body color Olive
Brow Smooth Arch
Hair Straight Chestnut
Eyes Upturned Bold Taupe
Face Oval
Nose Upturned
Lips Classic (Whatever color you like)

Body color Honey
Brow Medium Sharp
Hair Short Cropped Hair Black
Eyes Stoic Almond Brown
Face Defined Triangle
Nose Roman
Lips Uneven Toffee

Now, in the cover I want them to just be close -holding each other maybe- I don’t have anything particular in mind


I can do it for ya

Well, I did this mainly just to practise, I hope that is fine with you. Feel free to use it if you want, but if you do use it make sure to credit @episode_amanda (for the editing assistant) and @episode.puma (since I created the cover) :blush: I also don’t know if the size is correct, as I said before I mainly did this to practice.


Hi, do you mind creating me a cover for my story?

Go here for examples

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Thank you :blush:

oh my lord, how thank you!

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could you please make me a large cover? i’d be so grateful

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No problem! I don’t really have the time atm, as I stated before I mainly just did this for the sake of practising. Maybe I’ll do it in the future if I feel like doing it, but right now I’m busy with other things :heart:

it’s okay, thanks!

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