In need if an ink edit pleaase!

Hey, so i need a art background of two of my characters, here they are

Male’s details
Skin: Toffee
Face: Defined Triangle
Hair: Short cropped (white)
Eyes: stoic almond (white)
Eyebrows: medium sharp
Nose: button
Mouth: uneven (taupe)

Female’s details
Skin: Caramel
Face: Oval
Hair: Beach wave (platinum blonde)
Eyes: Upturned feline (green)
Eyebrows: Seductive arch
Nose: Soft natural
Mouth: classic (scarlet)

I need Theo to have Sienna on his back with him laughing, and Sienna’s arm to be aroung his neck and her other hand making a peace sign and also her smiling, I want it to be cute and goofy and with my story title medication) on top, but They need to be closer to the screen, if you know what I mean… Lol sorry this is probably alot…ANdd with this background please