In Need of 2 types of Art


Hi Hi people I am looking for a splash that looks like a cover, for my story, and I’d like to have The characters edited if you can give me one and show me examples of arts you have created before thanks. I’m only in need of 2 people as I need another splash that is edited as well!! Thanks again! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Greek gods can




Here’s the link if you’d like
The whole group example’s are there

Ignore me if not needed


Greek gods is kina confusing sorry. Thanks though :grin:


Ohh ok thanks then.


Hey is not still open? I will love to show you my examples


Okay Ms. Kate :slight_smile:


I have texted epy.raven



I have more if needed :slight_smile:


I’d like to see the characters with contour/ highlights for an example:


And there hair changed



Okay am I the only one doing this?


Bruh can someone do me too an art scene. I’ve been looking everywhere. But do Arianna’s first. I don’t wanna invade her post.:joy:


I’ll DM you.


No offense but do you guys doing this on a different topic. No intentions of being mean or anything @Jbear @Ms.Kate @granolias


@Sydney_H close this topic please