In need of 2 villian characters INK

So I need a woman and a man but I just don’t have any inspiration right now for who I want can someone help me?

for what?
explain it

I have a story and I need 2 characters but i just don’t know how I want them

when I first write my first story I also dont know how I want them
But i kept on thinking about what the story is about. and then i tried to describe it.

maybe you should test things out

Why don’t you make one a evil but not evil type?
Like, she thinks that she is doing the right thing but in reality she isn’t and he is her sidekick, but he’s the REAL evil one influencing her to do it

Like…he’s a demon, she’s a person or human or anything but he’s pretending to be a good demon by being nice to her and acting all sweet while giving her damaging advice playing her feelings against her.

Well I actually meant that I don’t know how I want them to look :joy: but yeah the man is already a demon :relaxed:

I can help with that!

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Thx that would help a lot !


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Your welcome! Credit me for Morina and Dedoo, tho!

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