In need of a art scene soon

I need a artscene please my last artist had a family emergency.
I need her holding a notepad laugh_chuckle
If not her just laughing .

@Rac5hel is good at art scenes, but idk if she is available



She sin’t good at them she is awesome at them !



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Her art scene work is amazing

Can you be more specific with what you want in the art scene?

she made this for me!! :heart_eyes:


Thank you @AnonymousAuthor1 and @Chesirekitten101 you both are amazing ppl but @Lizzie_C I’m not really available now but I can still do it


I want to post my story in about a week, do you think you would be available to have it by then ?

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I seen you were overloaded with request so if not that’s perfectly fine .

Yeah I’m doing one now but it normally takes two days too finish but I’m a busy day it may take three to four days

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I need a background for an ‘over the shoulder shot’ in the bedroom…
My character’s bedroom is INT. BEDROOM DESK OL - DAY
Can someone make me a background of this room, showing the other side of the room?

Well if you can’t you know the fam Is always there to help

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I know that you can do it if you want to but if you getting trouble with it I’ll help

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Awesome that’s perfect.

The art scene is with this background and she’s in the same spot but not the same position . “I wanted her laughing. Scratch the notepad I mentioned in the post.
Would you need anything else specific ?


No not really I’ll let you know if I need anything

Oh wait you want the pregnant woman in it to

No she’s not in it .

I just did that so you knew her position in the background.

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Okay great then that’ll be easy peasy… and it be a fast drawing

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