In need of a Art-Scene

Hello, I would want someone that draws good, and will be able to do it for free because your girl is broke. Also if you need details then, give me your instagram and I will give you mine so we can talk.

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Drawing good art takes time so you might not be able to find people who would be willing to just do it for free, but I do know someone who makes great art and it’s free @dilara.alexa you can find her Instagram here

Hey, what kind of art scene? Mutiple people, is the background involved? Just checking to see if its the kind of drawing I’ll be able to do.

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Hello! No, not Multiple people. I want there to be rain in the background yes, if you want more details ask me questions and I will be able to answer. Thanks

Okay, I see :heartpulse:
I’d love to help but I’m not quite sure I’d be able to do it lol struggling with backgrounds.
I hope you can find somebody awesome though.