In need of a artist to do my cover

I’m starting a story “fearless” and I’m currently in need of an artist to do my cover and possibly future art scenes but as of now my main priority is the cover.

I’d appreciate if someone can do it for free because i am not willing to invest money into my story JUST yet.

To anyone who is down to do it for me id appreciate it so much, here is my Instagram @ee.writes please dm so I can give information on the 2 main characters

Thank you
Sincerely, EE


Hi @EE06
I am willing to do covers and art scenes for you

Ps I don’t have Instagram

Art request page

I am very sorry for responding very late!! But if you don’t mind doing art scenes I’d love for you to do so future wise. But as of now i need a cover. I’ll give you kind of a description so you can use a creative mind based around the description.

Ignacio is a Fearless mafia leader
Vinnyla is a very sucessful business woman

make them look like some bad a** bosses lol

Thank you!

Ill put the pictures of the characters below



If you are still interested in a cover , you can head over to my support group on Instagram I myself dont do art / edits however some of my members do, so if you would like to you can request a cover on IG

I also have a friend who can make one for you heres a example

And here’s a link to her instagram

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