In need of a backgrond



Hi, guys. I am in need of a hallway background for a house. I have searched, but I just cannot find one that works for me. I would like it to be at night, if possible. While you’re at it, if anyone has any white cat overlays, that would be great, too! Thank you so much!


I can help


Thank you so much! I will give you credit in my story! I would just like a hallway with a couple of doors at nighttime. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Okay give me a minutr


here you go



Thank you so much! I seriously cannot explain how grateful I am for these backgrounds. How should I credit you in my story?


@EpisodeStudio these are not mine I forgot who it was


Anything else you need


Thank you for sending them to me, though. I think that’s all for now. Thanks again!


Hey do you make backgrounds?.. Im in need of one.




Uhh do you think you can make a background of an exploded hospital? If all possible could it still look somewhat animated?


yeah sure


Thank you so much? I can recognize you in my story if youd like. Do you know how long it might take? No rush!


1 hour


Thank you soo much!


do you have the hospital background


Here it is… Could you also take the Chinese off of the sign and make it say Hospital. Thanks!




Hey, no rush… Do you know when you’ll be done?