In need of a background edit please <3

I’m creating a new story in limelight and I would really appreciate the help of an amazingly skilled human to edit this background so it’s day and not night.

I will give full credit to you and it will be in most of the episodes in my story too

Thanks in advance
:heart: :blush:

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Maybe someone from my Art Shop can do it.
It’s called {} Natasha’s Official Everything Shop {}

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Thank you lovely!! x

Do you still need the day version of the background?

Hi Vanessa

Are you still available to still sort this background from night to day? If so I would be so grateful.
How would you like to be credited? Every use will be credited.


P.s Sorry for the late reply I’m a key worker during this mental time hope your well.! :heart:


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Credit; Instagram: @Vanessa.h_storys

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Thank you so much for doing this so quickly!!! I love it, its perfect!

Full credit in every use :sparkling_heart:

Thank you! Xxxx

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