In need of a background for my upcoming story

I need two version of the school in a darker version ! (brown walls and grey locker same kind of thing for the floor )pv1_back_INT__BLUE_SCHOOL_HALLWAY___DAY|690x408

stupid qustions. but what is wrong with how it look

My questions is not stupid. I am just askibg for someone to help me change the colors of it to match the vibe of my story but if you think my question is stupid good for you

No they were calling their own question stupid

yes. I was talking about my own questions.

I dont understand why you need the colour change. if you can’t do it yourself. why dont you just use the one you have.

i am an artist myself. i could actually draw my own for my story but i am not cause why should i when episode give us free once to use.

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well it kills my storyline and the vibe of my story ? I was asking because I didn’t know how to do it now I found how to do it so I’ll do it I was just asking for help

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I got it now didn’t think about it but now I see thanks.

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