In need of a backround!

Hey there! I’m in need of a backround!
If anyone can make me a backround that would be nice - and I would of course love to credit you in any way you want(I can credit your instagram account, etc, you just got to tell me how you want me to credit you!)
I want an under table backround for the backround INT. DUTCH CAFE OL - DAY
Just one of those tables for any color.
If this is possible thank you!

Can you post the background here? My writers portal is messing up a thing the moment. And explain a little more? I would love to help you

Sure thing.

So you need another table? To put infront of the chairs? Sorry I want to understand what you need… lol

I need a backround for like under the table… yeah i know pretty weird

Yeah it is but I mean under the table lol

Okay… so like a background that look so like what under the table would look like…
@epsd.ama is amazing with backgrounds

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Yes that’s exactly what I mean

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So should i ask them?

I would ask her I feel it’s something she could do if not ask @Mimi0829