In need of a beta reader, and someone to help me with my story to give it a push

Hi everyone,

so i’m writing a story and it’s called Miakoda
And I really need some one who can help me with grammar and read trough it and BE HONEST about what the story is missing what I can add and what I shouldn’t do. AND ALSO I NEED SOME INSPIRATION so if you are willing to help me please PM me. Or I’ll pm you.
BTW, do you think I should start do covers? Because I love to draw but I don’t know if anyone would want one :s
Here is the cover.

Mrs Lonely

I could help if you wanted? Have you published it already or not? :unicorn:

I have published a couple of episodes but I’ll change some things, about them not the storyline but mistakes

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And I would love if you could help

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Alright, I’m searching up your story right now… would you like me to give feedback here or pm you? :unicorn:

PM me please <3