In need of a beta reader for my first few scenes! 💕

Hey, loves! I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in reviewing the first few scenes of my story and giving me a brutal, honest review! The opinions given will decide whether I continue with my story or not.

Feedback needed:

  • Pace (Something I struggle with)
  • Grammar
  • Directing
  • Spot directing
  • Zooms
  • Writing (Is it interesting? Does it sound awful? Etc)
  • Is it something you would read?

Basically, I’m needing feedback on all the basics!
If you are interested in reading for me, just reply to this, and I’ll dm you the link.


I’d be interested! It gives you feedback and it also teaches me a thing or two when I look at other’s stories!

Thank you, I’ll pm you the link now!

Hi I can do it, if you’re still looking for a beta reader

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I would love to beta read it :heart:

Thank you! I’ll send you the link x

Hey! If you still need beta readers I can help you :)!

Hey, thank you so much! I’ll send you the link x

I’d love to help you out! I’m working on my first story as well, but I didn’t realize I could get feedback from other authors until just now! So I’m really excited to become apart of this writing community:))