In Need of a Beta Reader

I need a beta reader on hand that could proofread my episodes before I publish them. Sometimes I miss errors and mistakes within my episodes, and I just want to be to send a link to someone so they can proofread it for me. There are some stipulations that I have for a beta reader:

  1. Have to have a published story on the app
  2. Has to be an experienced Episode writer
  3. Has to have an Instagram account so I can contact you
  4. Be able to give me constructive criticism
  5. Be able to help me with advanced directing to make my episodes more better
  6. Have to be 16 years old or older (for relatable purposes)

If you fit in to these categories, and is interested in this, please comment down below. My Instagram is @brianam.stories . Thank you!


I would love to help you but I’m underage, lol. (I’m 15)

I fit all categories but one; I have yet to publish my story on Episode… :pensive:

Ah well, good luck!
Hope you find one soon :kissing_heart:

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Would help, but I’m only 15


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Okay well, if you fit the categories then I guess you’re okay. DM me on Instagram @brianam.stories

Maybe @Shona4b would be a good fit for you.

Okay, who is she?

She’s a beta reader and she helped me with my story.

Okay she’s good, but I would like to have my personal beta reader so we can work together. I don’t want to have a beta reader that it’s going to help me temporarily.

No problem! Good luck with your search.

Thank you so much @PrettyEri for the mention… I am honoured.

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Hie… I can help you with beta reading as many times as you want… it’s alright… if you are still interested… that is

I’m interested. Do you have Instagram?

It’s Shona_episode and shona4b

Okay. I’ll add both of your accounts :slight_smile:


You can go ahead and close this thread @Ryan :slight_smile: