In need of a bit of assistance

I am entering the unexpected writers contest, and am trying to add the gem choices but it’s coming up with errors. Is anyone able to help me fix it? :T


I might be wrong but maybe give the part after the dark purple line it’s own line and see if that work

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I gave that a try but it’s still playing up on me.


I would have to look on my portal then when I get back home .

I tried doing what you said and its come up with a different error. :sweat_smile:

On the screenshot you’ve provided, the only error I see at the moment is the lack of gem choice title in brackets.
Gem choices need a title.

So it should be like:

choice (TitleHere)

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Leave the <> on gems hun.


You still need the < > for “< GEMS:5 >” (Close the gaps, as I had to open it so that the forums posted it properly.)

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its gone back to the original error rip.

I’m having a detailed look to see where else your script could’ve possibly gone wrong, bare with me. :rofl: :joy:

Edit: Could you possibly screenshot from lines 2825 to 2999, if it lets you?! Just so we can see if anything else is actually causing the error?!


my story has a female LI route and Male LI route- I’m working on the female one first at the moment.

(dw choice isn’t in another choice or anything.)

Don’t forget “choice” should always be on a line of it’s own. (Minus titles.)
But on line 2861, you have another choice to fix.

It should be:

< PREMIUM > “Yes”{

goto Porter_custom_start


goto Porter_custom_end


Try that (and ensure that all other choices are fixed too.) And then let me know. :blush:
(If you’re copying and pasting from here, then remember to close the gaps between < > and the word “PREMIUM”.)

I dont think the space between “blah blah” { matters though, cause I’ve got daras templates for customising on my script and they’ve got the spaces in them and work fine?

see. ^^

No, the spaces between “Whatever the choice is” and { doesn’t matter, I tend to do them both ways!

For example… I can literally do:

“Yes” {

} “No” {






And both work for me, so I’m not sure why someone advised you to close the gaps on that. :thinking:

But has the error finally disappeared yet?!

nope :cry:

should I PM you my whole script lol?

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Did you fix all of the choices within the story?!

By that I mean, did you ensure that the word choice always has a line of its own?!

Yes, please. I think that might be best. :joy: :rofl:

ill double check