In Need Of A Cartoon-like Art Scene

Hey guys,
I seriously need an art scene for my story(I haven’t decided the title yet).
It’s like a cartoonish style.
If someone can help me for free please reply!
I need a scene where there’s a girl playing the piano with her back facing the so-called camera on a stage and there’s a microphone at the center of the stage but there’s no one there singing.

You might want to give more info on what you are looking for. Type of art scene, character details. That way the people who do art can see if it’s something they can do or not.

Okay, thx for the tip.

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Well, kinda like @alhuart (on Insta) style.
I’d ask her to do it, but then I’d need to pay.

Yeah her style is hard to do idk anyone who does that sorry.

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No worries… I’ll keep looking I guess…

Ha, I tried but it was a total fail. Plus I did it quick. Hopefully, someone can help you out. :slight_smile:


I love it! But it isn’t what I wanted.
But if I can’t get one, I’ll use yours.

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Let me know I can make it neater.

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So currently, no one can do it so can you make the lines straighter and the why is the bottom of the chair uh…a white patch? Could you change that too?
Looks like I’ll be using yours.
Do I need to credit you? If so, how?

Sure I can make it. It will take time. The bottom part is the remaining of her dress. I did this really quick. I can make a neater one and Friday I will have it ready. I will work on it tonight.
Example of what I do. Also I am still learning.


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Sure. Thx

Ok, so here is another outline I did. Which one you prefer the first one or this one.

I prefer the first one although this is more detailed.

Ok, I will work on it. Tonight. Just wanted to give you another option :grin:

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No problem. :blush:

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Hey, can I have the outline for the first girl?
This one:
But with the facial details and hands(but don’t add the phone).
Thanks in advance.

Yeah sure. I just have to edit it.

and clean it up.

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How’s the art scene?