In need of a co-author to help me spot directing



Hey guys! i am currently working on episode 7 of my story known as ’ Love Crisis ’ and since i am revamping one of the episode soon i need help in directing and such. If you are up for it please message me or dm me on instagram @episode.theuntoldscrets and i will get back to you so we could make this happen
- xoxo


Do you want a co-author or editor?


Editor :no_mouth:


Either or works. I am fine writing the story I just need help on the directing and spotting


I can be your editor, I’m currently writing a story right now so I wouldn’t be able to co-write but I’m familiar with the episode coding so that I can help you on


That would be wonderful thank you so much :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Do you have a Instagram that I could text you on?




hello is there anychance anyone could help me also I can write the story I just need abit of help with directing and spotting I’m new to all this and I keep getting stuck ive written it all out but I keep getting the red cross also… x


What do you need help on?


ive been trying to sort it it out but theres a red cross that keep coming up on a line of my script ive tried to sort it but it wont chang for some reason x


Can you send an image of the bit of script with the error?


No I do not. Click this button:
then press choose files and click your image, then press upload.


I found the error anyway. On line 5, it should be:

@ROSE enters from right to screen center THEN ROSE faces right

On all the speech and thinking lines it should just be:

ROSE (think)
Speech here.


What do you mean?


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: