In need of a co-author

So I’ve published a story and I’ve got no more ideas for it anymore. I need some one who can help write my story with me. PM me and I’ll give you the details of my story. Thank you :blush:

Hey , I could help you if you’d like

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Thank you so much!

so what are the details of the story , and what is it called so i can find it on the app
and what can i help you with :smile:

It is called ‘My Bad Boy Romance’ it is on hold for a bit because I ran out of ideas so far I have published 9 chapters.
The description is: 16 year old Courtney Evans, moved across the globe to escape her tragic past, and a Bad Boy romance begins. What happens when her past follows her.
I need help coming up with some ideas for the plot.

uuu…sounds like the kind of story i would totally read
So i will read it , and when i finish it , i’ll tell you if i have any ideeas for plot twists

Omg thank you so much! :blush:

If you’d like i could give you my instagram and we can talk there , if you think it will be easier

Yes thank you, that would be so much easier!

ok , it is @adina_episode (it doesn’t have a profile picture , or anything posted ,i made it for the story i’m working at )

Okay mine is @courtneyevans.episode