In need of a Co-Writer and Art Maker


I am currently creating a story and am in need of a Co-Author. I cannot seem to find anything to write about. I’m having what you’d call writers block. Please comment if you’d like to help :slight_smile:


What is your story about?


The lives of a Mafia/ gang change as Charlie moves to town. She changes everything that they’ve come to know and love


It’s a really hard kind of story to write, I just can help you sometimes
With love <3


I’m still sort of playing around with the ideas, but I’ve got that so far. I’m just looking for someone to confide in.


I’m not really into that kind of story, so I can’t be your writing partner sr, but I can help you sometimes if u want to :heart:


Sure. I’m not entirely sure if I’m certain that I’m going to write this story. I was just playing around with ideas. What sort of stories are you into?


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: