In Need of A Co-Writer/Editor, and Cover Art

Hi there! I am currently creating a story called “Cruelty of Ice”, but need a co-writer and cover art. My first few episodes were a tad bit messy, and I don’t know how to make my own cover. Overall, the plot is great. Please help, and thanks! :grin:

I can make your cover!!!

Really? Thanks! Can I give you the info now?

Yes! Just go ahead over to my thread and fill out a form!!

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How many Splashes: 1
Type of splash (es): Instagram
Color Palate of Splash: Anything dark
Character Details: INK Hair: Long Curly, Chestnut Face: Diamond Eyebrow: Medium Soft Arch Eyes: Round Luxe, Auburn Nose: Soft Natural Mouth: Classic Slender Plum Skin Color: Light Outfit: A dress
Character 2: INK Hair: Rebel Half Shaved Hairstyle, Black Face: Defined Round Eyebrow: Smooth Arch Eyes: Upturned Luxe, Auburn Nose: Perky Mouth: Classic Plum Skin Color: Taupe Outfit: A leather jacket, with a dress
The characters’ behaviors: The first character (show part of body) at the bottom of the picture looking scared. The second character (show part of body too) at the bottom of the picture looking angry, with her arms crossed.
Any specific background?: Something dark and mysterious, but not too dark.
Exact words for splash (es): Follow me on Episode!

Alright I will work on it as soon as I can, which will most likely be tomorrow!


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No probs, dear!

I don’t use Instagram, is that ok?

Why wouldn’t it be?

Oh, thanks, girl! I’m mostly on here. Is it possible to e-mail the cover as well?

Of course!

Really?! Cool!

I will PM you my email when I am done with your cover!

Ok! Thanks again, dear! You don’t know how grateful and relieved I am

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I’m not a proffesional writer on episode but I can give you ideas about the plot and what to do for the animations.

Thanks! I already started the story, so I don’t mind if you give some pointers.

Hey, are you done yet? Not to be annoying or anything

No, I am not, I have some other requests to get finished.

I am now, @loveyourself what do you want it to say??