In Need of A Co-Writer/Editor, and Cover Art

What is your Episode Name you want them to follow??


Cruelty of Ice in dark letters, perhaps

April 21

Thanks! I already started the story, so I don’t mind if you give some

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April 21
I’m not a proffesional writer on episode but I can give you ideas about
the plot and what to do for the animations.

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whats the story about?

The story is about revenge, envy, and heartlessness. Savannah, the MC, goes to a new school with high hopes. But what she doesn’t know, is that her worst enemy, Pamela, the antagonist, goes to the school too. She meets the love interest, Derek, in the first chapter, and Mark, Pamela’s best friend. After Savannah and Derek meet, Pamela’s envy starts to show… And she begins a war against Savannah.

(Pamela is a bit crazy, I’ll tell you that)

Cool. Do you have a background for Savannah- does she have any friends yet? Sounds pretty cool so far

Yes. Savannah is a high school junior. She wants to become an actress, or a journalist. Derek recently became her boyfriend (episode 3, I think?) and Mark also becomes her friend, but… deserts her. Can’t be complete without family! Savannah has an older sister named Melissa, in college and studying to be a fashion designer. Then there’s the parents, Carla and Rick. Also, Rick cheated once… So there’s a secret sibling, Linda Romero. Linda is actually a badass, you’ll love her! She’s the one who found what Pamela is planning, was the first one to drop a hint to Derek (he finds out), and warns the mean girls (Stephanie Miller, Clara Santiago, and Victoria “Vicky” Beckford) to back off. She’d do anything for Savannah. Do you want to know about the accomplices now?

Sure- oh and be sure to add comedy- I’ve seen a good serious story and they added comedy- and it was really funny and good- it really gives characters personality

Sure. I’m adding comedy now. The accomplices are Dave, and Layla. Layla is Pamela’s “friend”, through her it is revealed why Pam hates Vanna. Layla is kind of a slave to Pam. Dave, he’s darker. That’s Pamela’s boyfriend, and he will do ANYTHING for her, even if it means killing someone! Dave kidnaps Savannah in episode 6…

cool! Is there any part of the story you’re unsure about that I can help you out with?

I’m unsure about how exactly the rest of the story will turn out (episode 8-episode 25)

hmm maybe you can have something totally unexpected happen at the end of episode7 and go off from there

Like what?

Like someone from Derek’s past coming back- like a girl friend that moved away- like everything’s going well until Derek’s ex moves back

Ooh, interesting! I also want to include the woman that Rick cheated with, too. Hmm, who should Derek’s ex be? Should she be evil? And help Pamela? Or good, and help the others find Savannah?

She should come back and want to be with Derek and will do anything to get them together- maybe you could have her lie about a bunch of things

Oooh, perfect! So, a bitch, basically? Haha

lol. This is a bit extreme- but she could lie about having a kid- and she could keep thinking her and Derek were together- she doesn’t want to even process the fact that they broke up… or something

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Oh yea and what style are you going to do it in?

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