In need of a co-writer. UK only, please

I’m working on a story called Whitfield academy about a girl who is moved to a boarding school. I need someone from the UK so I can keep in contact

I don’t mind helping with the plot, but with the coding I have too much on my shoulders to do that. :smile: Just PM if you would like me to help! :blush:

I could co write with you :two_hearts: I live in the UK and my insta is ellie.marie_episode xx

hi, sorry I was really busy the last few days r u still up for it?

Yeh sure x

I am from the UK and I can totally help you! If you already have a Co-Writer that’s totally fine, just offering my help. I can code on Episode Interactive. I can spot characters, zooming all of that. And sounds. :slight_smile:
I can also make some backgrounds when characters are on a call and the backgrounds split. I can also do text one’s too. :blush: So If you need my help I’m right here! Hehe.