In need of a co-writer!


I want to write a type of story that’s something people don’t really write stories about. Something with a badass lead female character. Except the problem is that I’m having trouble with sticking to a plot and finding the perfect plot. I like to think I’m pretty good with the coding and everything for Episode but my main problem is just finding a plot and what if this or that happens, y’know? If you’re willing to team up and brainstorm and co-write something with me then just leave a message here or on my instagram @ rkn.stories, I’ll respond faster on there.


I have no problem doing it. I wanted to make a story on a bad girl myself but I am not good at coding so I dropped the idea. But since you can code and I have the perfect idea you might need we can work together. I use Hangouts / Instagram / Snapchat / Whatsapp / Discord / Messenger.

And I am active most of the time. And I would be more than happy to work with you.


I could help. I can come up with plots but cannot for the life of me code lol!


Hi I’d be interested in co-writing!
I already have something in mind…
If you’re still looking for someone to co-write with hmu. Insta I’d is its_p_r_i_y_a


This is like a two month late reply, sorry about that haha. I was wondering if you’d still be interested in co-writing and what your instagram is if you are?


Wow @RKN . I actually thought that I need two coders so I got one but not more lol. If you had asked then ,I would have refused but now I want one.

@Secretz_lol I think we found our second coder.




What’s up ?





Alright. It’s weekend now. Just saying. :wink:


So how is this going to work? Have you already started on something or are you still in the early stages of planning it out?


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