In need of a Co-Writer :)

Hello, I used to have a Co-Writer but their laptop will not allow her to communicate with anybody. She has been inactive for weeks. I’m an episode writer that’s prone to writers block and not always the best at coding. If you’d like to be my Co-Writer of my story, just let me know…

what is your story about?

The description~ Your life becomes a little more complicated when Blake, a new teacher arrives at your school. Everyone’s loving him, except you. How will you handle him and the drama that awaits?

I don’t care what your srptody is about even if this idea sounds awesome! I’d love to help ANYTIME

I would love to be your co-writer i always have great ideas

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I have awesome ideas is what my friends tell me i’d be glad to work with you :slight_smile: hope you say yes! xoxo

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Sure, if you’re still up for it, dm me on instagram~ katelinmolly26

i am avalible have expirience with anmating and so on:grinning::grinning:

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: