In need of a coder and artist

I am looking for some who can code and has experience in writing stories. I will need complete honesty and this will be 24/7. So be prepared. I will write everything, but I need it coded. Contact if u r interested.


I’m interested but why email. I mean I can do email but why?

That’s just how they want to be contacted by :woman_shrugging:

I might be interested

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I keep saying the same people here and there! :exploding_head:

Can you help me code or draw art scenes

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Can you help me code or draw art scences?

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I will only be take one coder and one artist. You will have too work on weekdays and have a full commitment to this project. Thankyou. And to answer your question, I choose email because I don’t have any social media and I don’t want to go back to that site cause it is very slow and frustrating.
Yours Truly,

Pami Lucka

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I can’t help with code but there is a second person on the project that does code. But I can help with a few art scenes but not many because I am writing the whole story.

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Okay. Seems I have to make a commitment in work for you! :+1: So I will


ok my instagram is videosbyobi

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Good, first I need to see your skill and then ur in

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If you dont have insta PM me.

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My skills of what? I can show you a story for my skills of writing.


I don’t do art scenes for stories

I do draw covers, splashes, character edits.


oh, my story is in limelight would’ve loved to work with you.

Oops sorry I can’t do LL

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its cool

What does PM mean

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