In need of a coder and artist

private message

Well this mine in INK: (just an outline)

But I don’t think I’m a pro at LL yet.
Tell me if your story is in INK maybe soon, or something.


tbh i love your art so i’ll change my story to ink for your art i love it so much

Hey are you there??? YOU HAVENT REPLIED

If you’re still looking for someone, I am a pretty decent coder and I am available pretty much full time

i also have no life and could code if you still need someone. I also do art but i do it in more of an edit style with custom poses so…

Sorry to encroach on your post Ranen. I really need a scripter/encoder person. I have a story I’m really excited about but I have no idea how to do the coding and animations and pretty much everything when it comes to putting it together. I need some serious help and yes, this is my first story. Please, someone help me.

i can probably help :slight_smile: