In need of a coder and/or artist

I need someone who has good coding skills and has some expirence writing. I need them to be relaible and honest. I will write everything, you can pitch in and give ideas. But I need everything else coded. I will be willing to give you credit. If your intrested please rely to this post and we can get to working! I can’t wait to meet you (virtually lol)


If it’s just pitching in I don’t mind! :heart: DM me

ofc whats your instagram?

I have an IG but I don’t use it so just PM me

Hey I can code and I’m an artist
If ur still looking I can help but would it be codeine and giving you the code or coding on a joint account?

PM me and we can talk about the details I’m looking for at least 1/2 coders or artists.