In need of a coder ASAPPP

Hey guys so i am writing my first story and i am rly struggling with coding, I am hoping to find someone that will be committed to coding for me as well as being available! lmk if anyone is interested tyyyy!!


I can do it!

that would be amazing, how gd are u with coding? can do u advanced directing? (zooming, overlays, etc?)

I can do some zooming

ok are u familiar with zones, pane, cut, and all that stuff?

Yeah i think so

ok perfect, do u have ig? so we can start?

Yes it’s @ereksonwhitney99 but here would be easier

ok sure i’ll pm u privately

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I am a somewhat good coder

I need someone with advanced coding, someone who can do overlays and advanced zooming, lmk asap!

I can help…

Hey @K.abourehab
I do paid coding sweetheart,
Small episode- $3/ epi
Long episode- $4/epi

Let me know if you are interested love,
I have great experience in this coding as I’m coding 3-4 stories now.
Instagram - _angryybirdd _

Hey I can help you I am experienced with things you mentioned before. I have done many requests related to the same. just pm me

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