In need of a coding partner?

Im currently writing my wattpad story but I want someone to help me with my episode coding if anyone is interested in being a coding partner and I’ll give you ideas we can help each other plz and thank you msg me or comment


Hi! I’m Rosie :kissing_heart:.
I love to write and code, I haven’t been doing coding for very long but I had a close friend who coded some famous stories and she taught me pretty much everything she knows.

Here is a sum of what I can do:

  • I am an moderate coder, I can code up to 1000 to 2000 lines
  • I can code threads and choices.
  • I can write and design clothes
    If you are interested, just reply to this to let me know and I should get a notification and I will respond in the next 24 - 48 hours.


  • Rosie
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