In need of a Concert Background!

Hey guys! I really need a background for my story. Basically, it’s a concert stage with lighting and all that. Basically something like this:


But, I really need this background to be facing the stage, not the crowd.

If you’d like to help, you can make it on your own. Or you can use this background and just edit it to look like the INT. ON ROCK CONCERT STAGE - NIGHT stage.

If you’re gonna edit this background, make it that there’s concert lighting in the stage and try to remove the screen saying “Magical Memories”.

I’ll do it i a min

Let me know if u want some changes

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I really like it! But, if you don’t mind, maybe try making the color of the stage a bit darker? Similar to the INT. ON ROCK CONCERT STAGE - NIGHT. And maybe add some lights in the sides and maybe remove the screen? Sorry if this was too much!


Sure, can u mark out where in the stage and which screen u want to remove