In need of a cover and splash (drawn please)

Hey community! I am the author of ‘Masterminds’ in the comedy section, I am working on a new story called ‘Riddle me this’ and i am in need of a cover and splash can you smart people direct me to an artist on here that doesn’t pay and is open?

Thanks- Bella xxx


umm, depending on the level of artistry you need. I could possibly help :cherry_blossom:

Hey! I am a ink artist and I would love the help!

Hi, are you able to do cover art because I’d like some cover art for my story.

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Sure, lets take this to pm :cherry_blossom:

How to go to pm, sorry

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yes thank you so much can you pm me?

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@Sydney_H please close this thread

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Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: