In need of a cover art <3

Hi, I’m almost done finishing my story (just adding sound) and I need someone to create an art cover ?
Do you guys know anyone who takes request or if any of you can do it ?

What I need is my characters drawn in this positions.
My story is not about the 100 and has nothing to do with it I just want this positions

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Either look for editors to help or search art shops. You will not find that for free in high quality since there’s 6 characters so it would take ages (:


You can search for an art shop to make your cover. Try this link you might find what u need :relaxed:

If you’re okay with spending a little bit of money, I can totally do a cover for you. Prices range from about $5-$15 based on what you showed right here, and they’re definitely negotiable. Up to you, though! :hearts:



Welcome to my Cover Shop! Please look at my rules before requesting so I’m able to make your cover perfectly.

-Please, PLEASE, credit me, I’m not the best at making covers, but I’d really appreciate if you give frewking credit on your story my Instagram is @luvbrina.x.

-I’m allowed to decline your request if it’s too specific and/or complicated/hard for me.
-Rudeness ain’t cute.

-You have to follow me on Instagram. @luvbrina.x

-Please be patient! Do not rush me. I’m a human being like me and you and I have other things to do.

-I’ll only take 3 requests at a time.

Who you want to do it?
Size (Small/Large)
Number of Characters
Character Card
Poses (Animation or Custom)
Story Name
Author Name:
Specific Date

Hi sure of course ! can you draw in a realistic way ?

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I can do that for you in a realistic way ( it may take some time as this is highly detailed and 6 persons ) just tell me by when… If you are ready for a commission ( we can discuss the rates)… my insta is @sky__writesepi…(prices are less for now)

hi I dmed you !

i dm ed u back hun

If you still need somebody, my examples are here: