In need of a cover art(Free)

Me and @JustAPerson is making a story called “Never Look Back” and I’m wondering if anyone is interested to do a cover for the story. Doesn’t have to be to complex.

Preferably art and not edit but edit works too!

Here’s Alice (MC):

Alice pose - flirt_shy_pose

Here’s Vito (LI):

Vito pose - talk_kneel_propose_happy

Background- Italy or like a night with starts

Something in this art style:

Omd these covers/ art scenes are everything : Episode


I would love a challenge. I am making someone else’s cover and I want to make it better. You two have a easier challenge so I would love to try


Thanks :grin:

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I have one question. I already started and I was going to use first picture and change it into your characters. Is this ok or you wanna art style like on pictures and your characters in your poses?

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it doesn’t need to look exactly like the poses but something like that! And I’m more fore the art in itself than the exact poses.

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Ok thank you :blush:

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No I’m the one who should be thanking you😃

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I will try my best

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Hi! I was wondering if you still do covers?

Could you make mine? If you could do you do it for free?