In Need of a cover artist (For free)

Hey beautiful people of the earth. So I am in desperate need of an artist to create my cover for my fantasy story When your away
I worked my butt off on this but I can’t seem to make a cover
So if anyone is interested these are the details
And I have not yet uploaded it

  • Background

I’ll show you more details. If you interested DM me okay.

Pm me if you still need one

Yes I still need one

So I need an artist for free to make a cover of my new fantasy Story While your away. So can anyone do it for me for free. And if you decide to do it then this is what I’m going for.
Animated But not too much
And super imaginary

If you are interested, reply me or send an email to my gmail account
And I’ll give you a very detailed explanation on how They look. Or I might send you pictures Just text me your gmail account to

Dm me the details if you have insta @episode.lillz or Pm here instead