In need of a cover artist!


I need help if someone could make me a cover art for my story, Sweet Mistake, if anyone has recommendation on who can do it or if they could do it that would be great!

P.S does anyone know how to put the “This story contains Mature themes” at the beginning of the story?

Thanks again,


INT. WARNING - BOTH for the mature themes warning




Hey I do covers and splashes


Do you do limelight?




Oh great! Do you want me to send you a picture of my character or just the details of how she is?


Any one will work



The title of my story is Sweet Mistake, do you think you can add it on there?


DO you know when you will be done with it?




Do you want her in a specific pose


And any particular background you have in mind


Can she be in the flirt_wink_atcamera pose, and could it be a floral background?


Okay great


Ok thank you btw!


Np what name to put as the author




Done what you think