In Need of a Cover Creator!

Hey hey everyone! I have come up with a few story ideas and I am in need of some covers! I normally make my own but I’m terrible at editing and the ideas I have require skills I do not have. If anyone is interested in helping me make a few custom covers, please let me know! I wouldn’t mind having a few people on the project either since I’m in need of about 5 story covers total.

  1. I prefer edited covers rather than drawn. Not that I have anything wrong with drawn, I commend anyone who has the skills to sit and draw covers but my ideas are a little complex and would be easier edited.

  2. Most of my stories are going to be in the Limelight style and there may be one in both Ink and Limelight (I have not decided yet)

  3. In addition to covers, I’m also looking for someone to help me make overlays for custom poses and such because my mystery story and my romance story will require a few of those to.

I just want to thank anyone in advance for any help they can offer, I’ve been writing forever but have never really published a serious story. I had one story published back when Classic was huge but due to some personal reasons, I ended up giving up my love of writing for a few years. I came back for a little while on Wattpad and have decided that I miss writing for Episode after all. Feel for to PM me or drop a comment down below if you want to help me out!


I can help :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

Awesome! You wanna message me and I’ll give you a little more detail!

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Hey! I would love to be of help if you ever make an INK story. (I can do LL as well, but I just personally enjoy doing INK more). :blob_hearts:

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I will actually be doing and Ink story. I don’t really believe in just picking one style and sticking to it. I had a story idea created with Ink characters and I’m thinking about doing and Ink and a Limelight version so I could absolutely sure you help! Just PM me and I’ll give you a little more of an in depth description :blush:


Oh you are a lifesaver, an absolute lifesaver. I tried to do custom poses for myself and I quickly realized that I can not edit for sh*t :joy: just pm me to and I’ll let you know a little more about what I’m looking for!

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