In need of a Cover for my new story


Hi people I was wondering if anyone would want to make some covers for my story, and if you don’t mind could you show some examples of your work


I can help!




Moved to Art Resources since it’s about covers. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics. :wink:


Do you still need a cover


yes I do :slight_smile:


those are really good


Thank you!


Hi I’m pretty good at making large covers and even splashes and since I’m bored alot of the time I’m here to share my examples and possibly have the chance to do it. I do add on to covers with overlays so yh.

Two Examples of covers

Small (First cover): 37%20PM
Large (Newest cover):

Somewhat Plain Splashes


do you mind if you do my covers :joy:


sure i just dont have the format for small at the moment so is it ok if i do the large? <3


of course thats the only one i use anyway




So i need characters poses if you have them what the stories about with name author name and what you want on the cover


I was wondering if you could do like a warning cover and a volume cover… and a few others if thats okay




do a want any characters on them?
or pictures or what not?


yes please


ok send me there details and if you already have poses please send them so it makes it easier for me <3


on it thank you by the way


np <3 I love making splashes usually more than covers so yh