IN NEED OF A COVER new writer

Im looking for someone who could possibly make me a cover for my story. I just started writing my first story and want an amazing cover to start promoting it. Please let me know if you can help me out. Thanks.


I can help, and you can refer to other artists if you don’t like mine, I understand

if you’re entering the current creator’s contest, i have a cover shop for helping the participants with their covers <33

You still need the cover?

Hey i can make a cover for you, but i do only commissions (no free arts) even if I’m very cheap:

  • for a cover with one person it’s 10 euros
  • for a cover with two people it would be 15 euros

In case you agree with this terms here I’ll show you some of my works

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:white_heart: The Vintage Art Shop :white_heart: (Free PFP’s, Covers, Splashes, Overlays, Art Scenes, Character Cards and More)(FREE)(OPEN) this shop has all of your necessities.
We are also having a giveaway when the thread reaches 500 likes and there will be one winner.
The artists of that shop have contributed in the winner’s prize.
So go on and tell your friends to like That thread so that you can enter and possibly win a giveaway !

Do you have any samples?

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Yeah, I’ll PM you soon, but I have to go somewhere now, but I’ll send you

Sounds great! Thanks.