In need of a Cover or Art Scene?

I am a bored “artist” in need of something to do! Give me your needs and I will attempt to fulfill them.
Example (but it wasn’t complete yet, my favorite drawing I can’t upload for some reason -_-)

I can do females very well and will try to do male characters (but don’t expect too much)
If you are interested, everything I do will be free of charge and I hope, in great condition. PM or reply with
-a (CLEAR) picture of your character(s)
-a pose
-A title (for covers)
-description of character’s features (eye shape, color, skin, etc)
-time needed
-extra details if need be

Also, if you are an artist looking for a job, feel free to PM to be part of this :blush:


Thank you! One more thing before I get started, what background would you like?

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